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LED Radiology Display

The Wiarton Hospital Emergency Room has recently received a new LED Radiology Display, replacing a 12 year old system. Jenifer Butuk, Charge Tech Medical Imaging & X-ray shared “as we all know, technology changes with the passing of time. That being said, our previous monitors reached their end of life. The new system offers a Centralized Monitoring Management Application, meaning that our PACS (Picture Archiving Communications System) Team in Owen Sound now receive automatic alerts directly to their cell phones when a support issue arises. The PACS Team is able to run diagnostics remotely. The beauty of the new system is the offsite capabilities. As a rural hospital, that’s pretty great because we don’t have support staff here at our site.” Jen also shared “we, not just as hospital staff, but patients, and parents too, are so deeply appreciative of our community’s financial support in providing the funds to purchase new medical equipment like this.”

Point of Care Ultra Sound

”The Point of Care Ultra Sound allows us to enhance bedside physical exams so we can quickly diagnose many things like a collapsed lung, intra-abdominal bleeds, fluid on the lungs, abscesses, pregnancies, and acquiring vascular access,” says Dr. Matheson, adding, “we will still order a formal ultrasound when necessary, but this gives us a better idea of what the diagnosis could be before transferring a patient to Wiarton or Owen for further imaging. Since we don’t have an ultrasound department, this equipment is a very important addition to our ER, and is especially helpful in traumas and resuscitations. My colleague Dr. Thomas described it as the modern and advanced version of the stethoscope!”

Ipads-Stay Connected

Both Wiarton and Lion’s Head Hospitals receives ipads. The new iPads are critical to connecting isolated patients with friends and family, and will give patients something to look forward to during their sometimes long and lonely stay in hospital. With visitor restrictions in place for most of 2020 and 2021, these iPads allows for patients to stay connected with their loved ones.

Phlebotomy Chair

Mike Davison, Charge Technologist – “Because of COVID-19, we have to ensure we don’t have many people in our waiting room and in order to do this we required a second phlebotomy chair to enable two people to take blood at certain times. This new chair has a higher weight capacity and hand control rather than manual adjustment.” The cost of the phlebotomy chair was $5250 and was funded by the BPHSF Covid-19 Relief Fund.

Ice/Water Machine

The new ice/water machine allows staff to provide patient’s with fresh cold ice water during their ED visit as well as keeps our staff hydrated throughout their long work busy shifts.

Left – Venetta Mallard RN and
right Christine Moffatt RN WI ED

Automatic Transfer Switch

The Automatic Transfer Switch, (ATS), is a vital piece of equipment that works in conjunction with the building’s Diesel generator to supply full power to the Hospital in the event of a power outage. The old ATS was original to the Hospital and had become obsolete, with no replacement parts available, so a new, more modern ATS ensures the constant supply of power for our Patients, staff and visitors.

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