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My name is Nelvia Van Dorp. I grew up in Wiarton and returned after completing my medical training to work as one of the physicians here and live in this beautiful community with my husband and our rambunctious children. It is an honour for me to care for patients as part of the team in our emergency department, inpatient unit and in my primary care practice. I also love XC skiing, hiking, paddling, and cycling through the amazing landscapes in this area with my family.

Both the Wiarton and Lion’s Head Hospitals are staffed with amazing health care professionals, but they couldn’t provide the excellent care that they do without the financial support of our donors. The government provides very little funding for medical equipment, less than 10% in fact, meaning, the quality of health care provided at the Wiarton and Lion’s Head Hospitals is totally dependent on the support of our communities

Our Peninsula Hospitals are in need of new ECG devices ($26,600 each): 3 for the Wiarton Hospital and 2 for the Lion’s Head Hospital.
Our current ECG devices are at the end of their life span, in fact, they are no longer supported for replacement parts and services. It is imperative that this technology is available at our hospitals: our patients’ lives depend on it!
An electro-cardiogram (ECG) device quickly collects information transmitted from 12-18 leads attached to the patient and generates a graph of cardiac electrical activity that shows us the heart rate, rhythm pattern and other information about the heart. For example, using an ECG, we can diagnose different types of, and areas affected by a heart attack. We also use ECGs to determine what type of rhythm problem is causing a heart rate that is too fast or too slow.

Did you know that in a typical year, the Wiarton & Lion’s Head Hospitals conduct 3400 ECGs?

We rely on current technology in reliable ECG devices many times each day to generate the ECGs we need to make accurate cardiac diagnose so that we can provide proper treatment at the right time, and reassess the heart’s response to medication or electrical therapies.

Many heart problems require urgent or emergency interventions. We need ECG devices as a critical tool to make the diagnosis so that we can provide the appropriate life-saving care mright away.

I am very grateful for the support of our donors. Thank you so much for your generosity. Your contribution helps us acquire the up-to-date essential equipment we need to continue providing high quality health care in our community.

Dr. Nelvia Van Dorp

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