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Spring Auction

BPH Foundation’s 26-Annual Spring Online Auction a Tremendous Success!!

The Bruce Peninsula Hospitals Foundation team is thrilled to announce that the 26th Annual Spring Auction raised $34.772 for Wiarton & Lions Head Hospitals! The online Auction went ‘live’ on April 101′, running right through to April 17: when it came to a feverish close at 7pm The auction featured a fabulous range of nearly 350 items to bid on. from Adirondack chairs, to birdhouses, to arborist services, to dining experiences and so much in between.

New to the Auction this year was a $5000 shopping spree donated by Wiarton Home Hardware Building and Design Centres. The bidding on this particular item was very competitive, closing at $5600. Wiarton Home Hardware Building Centre owner, Patrick Sutter shared “supporting local healthcare has always been important to our family business as the Warton & Lion’s Head Hospitals has always been there when our family and staff have
needed them. We are happy to be there for our hospitals when they need us.”

Nancy Strang provided a ‘Thank you’ on behalf of the BPH Foundation Board of Directors, “what an amazing week for BPHSF’s latest fund raising effort. A huge thank you to the donors who supported the auction again this year in spite of these difficult times. And our bidders were amazing. going above and beyond our expectations to make this the most successful auction yet. Thanks too to those unsuccessful bidders. next year will be your tum!”

This year’s auction proceeds will be going toward the purchase of two new x-ray machines, one for each Wiarton and Lion’s Head Hospitals. The x-ray is the most commonly used and accessible diagnostictool It is often referred to as the first line of defense when diagnosing patients. Most patients who end up in the ER and those who are admitted at some point in their hospital journey will receive an x-ray. It may be to diagnose a broken arm or ankle, or a chest x-ray to determine pneumonia. The x-ray informs the physician of what type of care or test the patient requires next. The last x-ray machines were purchased and installed in 2005. Typically. we expect this equipment to last about 10 years. Our two peninsula hospitals average a combined annual volume of 8500 x-rays Each x-ray machine costs $510.000. meaning that a total of $1.020.000 must be raised to purchase this critical equipment.
BPHF is already accepting 2022 Spring Auction items, if your business would like to contribute, please call April or Catherine at 519-534-5856.


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