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Caring for Tomorrow Endowment Fund

The Caring for Tomorrow Endowment Fund is like a savings account for new medical equipment. Donations go in and they stay in. Only the income earned is used to support the purchase of high priority equipment. The goal is to provide a strong financial base for our Bruce Peninsula Hospitals, so when urgent equipment needs arise, or when new medical procedures are found, the Fund will be there to help.

An Endowment may be established in your own name or to honour a loved one. Part of your legacy, a named endowment is a deeply personal statement about who you are or the impact a loved one has had on your life, as well as your belief in exceptional rural healthcare at the centre of a vital community.

Invest in a healthy future for your family, friends and neighbours on the Bruce Peninsula. Contribute with a one-time gift of cash or securities. You can also plan a future gift using your Will, RRSP or RRIF plan, life insurance or other assets.

The Foundation welcomes the establishment of named endowments, as well as named funds specific to Lion’s Head or Wiarton Hospitals. Established funds include the Mar Women’s Institute Endowment and the Sandra Claire Sears Fund.

A minimum donation of $5,000 is required to establish a named endowment and the capital of a fund must reach $10,000 before disbursing income to the hospital.

The George Reynolds Endowment Fund

In Memory of George Reynolds

The George Reynolds Endowment fund was established by The William and Nona Heaslip Foundation to honour George’s longstanding support, both professionally and personally. The fund is directed to the Wiarton Hospital, as it has provided care to many of the Reynolds’ families and friends at times of need since opening its doors in 1949. George and his beloved wife of 68 years, Joan, shared a passion for the Bruce Peninsula and spent as much time as they could at their cottage on Tyson Island in Howdenvale Bay. George and Joan shared a deep love and respect for rural and cottage life and instilled this in their four children, 10 grandchildren and 17 great-grandchildren. George and Joan would be very thankful and humbled by the establishment of this Fund, as are the entire The Reynolds’ family. We hope this Endowment assists the Wiarton Hospital for generations to come.

Read more about George Reynolds

George Reynolds

George dedicated his work life as a chartered accountant with Grafton Group, rising to Vice-President of Finance and CFO, maintaining lifelong bonds of friendship and professionalism until his passing at age 93 years. While he and his wife Joan mostly lived in Thornhill, every available weekend was spent at the cottage on Tyson Island, in Howdenvale. George and Joan were truly a bonded pair. He knew she was “the one” when she fell in love with him and the cottage on the Bruce Peninsula. George started coming to the island soon after he was born in 1929. He would share stories of the 2-day trip to get there, chasing frogs, living on fish for the summer and getting covered in poison ivy. With his new wife (in 1954), George and Joan soon bought their own cottage on the island with no electricity, no phone, no flushing toilet and no running water. Together, they gradually modernized the dwelling over the years, not so easily accomplished on an island. They raised four children who had the opportunity to live and play with their cousins in the summers as seven island cottages were subsequently built and all owned by family.


George and Joan instilled a deep love and respect for rural and cottage life. George was always courteous and thoughtful, a true gentleman who acted with the utmost integrity, balanced with a great sense of fun and mischief. Bass-fishing, boating and family “cookouts” were some of his favourite activities. George cared deeply about people, treating all with respect and dignity. Joan was an easy and loyal friend, maintaining strong bonds throughout her life. She was a lifelong learner and self-starter. Without guile, Joan exemplified openness, honesty, devotion and curiosity.


This Endowment is a tribute to both George and Joan. Together, they were able to support each other and achieve more than they ever thought possible. The Reynolds’ family is very grateful to the William and Nona Heaslip Foundation for their generosity. With this Endowment, we hope that the Wiarton Hospital will be able to address areas of need.



The Mar Women’s Institute Endowment FundMar Womens institute Cheque Presentation

The Mar W.I. has been around for over 100 years and was among several Women’s Institutes on the Bruce Peninsula. Women’s Institutes did begin in Ontario and now are all over the world. It started from family farms with women raising families. It was to share and educate women as they learned better methods of safety and food security. The start was to pastueurize milk and such knowledge as it became known. It was a way women could learn and share as such education was non-existent. We have continued in the past years to help our little community with potlucks, community gatherings and events. Today we give to our local hospital foundation as a continuing legacy for the future needs of the community. We all use the local hospitals, from our children to our older parents. We are blessed to have this great network of healthcare and we want to keep it that way.

The Myrna Ingleton – John Tozer Appreciation Endowment Fund

The Myrna Ingleton & John Tozer Appreciation Endowment Fund is established in recognition of high quality end-of-life care and life-saving Emergency care provided at Lion’s Head Hospital as experienced by John Tozer and his late wife, Myrna Ingleton.  Having this capable medical facility, its caring physicians and staff available to Bruce Peninsula residents and visitors is something worth supporting.

The Super Dads Endowment Fund

In Memory of Alfred Savage and Robert Miller
The Savage and Miller Families have established this Fund too honour the legacy of two Super Dads; Alfred “the Great” Savage and Robert Miller by providing funds in perpetuity for GBHS –Lion’s Head Hospital, ensuring that their future generations continue to enjoy the benefits of a well-equipped hospital in Northern Bruce Peninsula. Read more about Alfred and Robert

Read more about Alfred and Robert

Alfred Ernest Savage
“Alfred the Great” was born in Oakville Ontario on a market garden farm in 1918. He passed away in his 97th year in 2015. He had a twin (Andy), an old sister and 4 other brothers. He was a great, great, great uncle and dear friend to many. He later served his country in WW 11 through the RCAF primarily stationed in North Africa and later in England. After the war, he married Cora Cord and lived in the Village of Swansea in Toronto. Had one daughter Beverley Miller. He would have been considered a corner
stone of the community. He was a carpenter and helped build many building in the area. He was the Windermere United Church caretaker for 40yrs. He worked for Shell Canada as a burner serviceman and later moved into bulk oil sales. In his 90th year, he made the jump to live at Miller Lake with his daughter. He was an avid gardener in Toronto as well as in Miller Lake. With his love for the game of cards, he fit right in with the seniors at the Lions Head Friendship Club, where many of his life experiences were shared. Alf was a gentle, humble, generous and a wise man. His skill and experience in holding the attention of a crowd was complemented by his uncanny humor and wealth of life stories. Some would consider him as a role model and he set a great example on how to live life and respectively interact with others. His presence is missed by many.

Robert Fredrick Miller
Robert (Bob) was born August 5, 1931 in Kitchener, Ontario. He was one of 4 children. He became a carpenter by trade and married his sweetheart Ella Fote in the spring of 1951. They had 5 children, a boy and then 4 girls. He was a very devoted family man, and a very hard worker. When asthma threatened his carpentry career he decided to move north in 1967 and try his hand in the Tourism industry. He and Ella answered an ad in the Wiarton Echo listing a camp for sale. Miller Lake Camp was established in the 40’s and as the third owners, became a family project that Dad devoted much of the rest of his life to. We have
always said that “Dad could make anything out of nothing.” He could repurpose anything, and so he was a bit of a packrat saving anything that may come in handy. With much hard work, good carpentry skills and his guidance the 9 cottage, small campground resort
turned into a 13 cottage resort including a much larger campground with more amenities. But even more importantly he created an amazing environment to raise 5 kids and a simple, welcoming, family resort that would see repeat customers generation after generation. Dad was heartbroken when Mom (Ella) passed away at the age of 44. He went on to have two other very precious women in his life…. Marion McWhirter and then his second wife Ivadel. His family grew to include, a daughter-in-law, 4 sons-in-law, 10 grandchildren, a step  daughter, her husband and three more grandchildren. He was very content and loved every opportunity for a family gathering. Dad liked to fish when he found a moment, curled in the winter in the early years, took up golf later in life and loved his winters in Florida, but his true passion was his Family. Thanks to everyone who supports local health care in memory of this awesome dad.

The Sandra Claire Sears Endowment for Nursing Education

As Head Nurse of the Obstetrics Department at Peace Harbor Hospital in Florence, Oregon, Sandy made a significant contribution to its growth and development. She mentored young nurses and supported them financially. Sandy’s passion for nursing was her life and she was committed to the profession. In keeping with her devotion to nursing, Sandra’s family established this fund in her memory in 2009 to encourage and inspire those committed to bettering the lives of others.

Willard VanderPloeg

Willard VanderPloeg

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April Patry

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