"After 2 surgeries in London, my orthopedic Surgeon, who is one of the best surgeons in North America, explained to me that part of the reason I still have my leg is because of the fast-acting, quality care I received in the Wiarton Emergency department."

Kevin Gilbert

“I give every month because I want to play a part in the health care that is available to everyone in our community. It make me feel good.”

Zeta Youngblunt

“The nurses and staff of the Lion’s Head Hospital recognized my need as my wife’s caregiver over her six-year journey with cancer, that I still wanted to feel I was helping. They were, to me, her angels of mercy.”

John Tozer

“Over the period of the week I was at the Wiarton Hospital, I began to heal with what I believe were services and treatment that constitute a role model for this province and this country.”

Lisa Ker

“In the reception, diagnosis, and subsequent care right up til my transfer for surgery, Wiarton Hospital saved my life and I am eternally grateful.”

Rick Wyszynski

Help Us Keep Care Close To Home

Supporting the Foundation

Providing up-to-date equipment allows our doctors, nurses and medical professionals to offer the best services possible. It also helps recruit and keep doctors and medical professionals in our community. Because the government provides very little funding for medical equipment, we rely on the generous support of our donors and we are extremely grateful to them. The cost of new medical equipment is the responsibility of our hospitals and their communities. We strive to provide our physicians, nurses and technologists with the best equipment to diagnose and treat patients. Medical equipment and technology is constantly changing and improving. With this ongoing challenge our mission is to assist in meeting the health care needs of the people of the Bruce Peninsula area by raising funds for priority hospital projects to keep our hospitals current.

With your generosity we can ensure to keep our health care close to home.

See a special thank-you from Gary Sims, President & CEO of GBHS